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Rescue a pet and gain a loving companion and save a life

We have many animals in Jefferson County Animal Control, within two locations that need foster homes very urgently. If they do not find homes, they will be euthanized. We are constantly looking to find foster homes and adopting families from all over the region.

People don't often realize how a simple action can make such a huge difference in the lives of many. That's what we set out to do, to make it easy to take those actions and to raise awareness of all the loveable and sweet animals that you can make your new friends.

Here are photo streams of current animals that urgently need foster homes. Click the button or a photo to go to the full photo galleries. You are only seeing just the first few animals on this page.

Want to become part of our foster network?

You are NEVER under any obligation to foster an animal. There will be times when you cannot accept an animal. Rescue groups are dependent on the foster care network, and will accept any level of help you are willing to provide.

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